Thursday, 6 October 2011

home learning

Music Timeline

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

the Bourne supremacy foot chase scene (continuity)

one of my favourite chase scenes :D 
this clip is from Bourne supremacy <3 and it depicts a foot chase using continuity in a chase scene can be difficult as you cannot confuse your audience as it takes away from the impact of it . this scene uses continuity very well it does this by using a wide range of shots such as

  • P.O.V shots 
  • discovery shots 
  •  multi level shots 
  • establishing shot 
  • birds eye view 
  • tracking shot 
  • close ups
all these shots help keep the flow of the film consistent  smooth and dynamic 

the bird scene (continuity )

how are the  principles of continuity are used here ??
The first shot is an establishing shot, this shows the audience  that she is about entering her household; as she enters the house through the door,there is match on match action  this helps with the continuity as it flows the audience knows that she has entered the door and has gone into the kitchen .
when she is in the kitchen the camera zooms in and reveals her expression in a close up shot  this tells the audience that something is not right .
As she approaches and walks down  the hallway the camera stays put , it does not lead in front of her nor does it follow her , this introduces the audience to the setting, it also creates suspense and tension. as she approaches her desired destination; when she is at the doorway ,  the camera  focuses  on her face using  close up shot  of her entering the room it is a creative way of  arriving some where  ,as it is straight to the point  and does not confuse the audience with too many shots / angles .
When she is at the door way a P.O.V shot is used and reveals to the audience the state of the room and why she was shocked . Another close up shot is used on her observing face she then observes her fathers feet and another P.O.V shot is used revealing his bloody feet . then follows another close up shot . followed by another P.O.V shot  revealing a gruesome scene ;  the whole body and his non existing eye balls  the use of the shots is continuous the audience knows what is going on and is aware of what has happened in addition  the shots were properly positioned non of them were random .
after the dead relative is revealed she fleas the scene the camera is at the same position it was when she was approaching the scene this is effective as it shows her full movement . the camera does not follow her but is now outside at an establishing shot  you can hear her frantic footsteps  then the establishing shot shows her running outside and away from the house .Even though the camera  did not follow her while she was running all the way, you were still able to tell what was going on and that she was running crazily.
what effect does it have on the viewer 
When she is entering her house the establishing shot just tells us where she is and the feeling is mutual;
however as she enters the kitchen the close up shots  and her worried expression hints to us that there is something wrong and as viewers we should be alerted . As she is walking down the corridor suspense and tension builds is she going to find  something or isn't she  the camera is not following her  it is staying put  giving us the impression that something is about to happen . and of course it does  she finds her mutilated father . and runs like there's no tomorrow . All in all  the editing used is very smooth and not scrappy or lazy this helps keep a consistent flow of the film and keep it going it also keeps the viewers engaged   if it was not  smooth the viewers / audience would be confused .

What is the 'best bit' for you in this sequence in terms of learning new techniques and why?
I thought the best bit is when the death was revealed the camera zoomed in on the man in two different shots in stead of one; giving it the classic horror reveal  this was a good technique as it highlighted and or emphasized,  the gruesome scene  and you could really see the horrific scene it was sudden and effective  and unexpected  if it had been a single close up shot, it would have taken away from the dramatic reveal .

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


We were set a home learning task ,we were given the title and we then had to come up with ten frames in a story board of what the accident could be my story board resulted in a car crash.

In the lesson we had to use our story boards to create a short film called the accident ; how ever as my story board was based on a car accident, it would be highly inappropriate to try and rein-act such a scene; so we came up with a new concept. we replaced the car crash with someone falling down the stairs carefully. before we could start filming we had to plan what type of shots each frame would be how and where we were going to film it and who was going to be doing what ;in addition we also had to make a story board which consisted of each frame .

We decided to film it in the park block as the park block has loads of staircases which all look similar so there could be some continuity .

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

the evaluation of the task

In class we had to experiment with different camera shots, the ones we observed were nose room and head room and two shot. we were shown what was bad head room and what was good head room the same was done for the other two. we then had to experiment with the camera and produce what we had learnt .

We produced bad head room and good head room and bad nose room and good nose room

we found out that bad head room is when there is too much space above the person's head or if the space is too little and good head room is when there is not too much and not too little
we also found out that good nose room is where there is a reasonable amount of distance between the persons nose .

short films

in class we were given the task to record a short film based on a random selection of camera movements that we had to select at random . the three that i selected was: discovery , crane up expression and dramatic angle and from the three i chose discovery .

discovery includes any shot that begins away from the action and then a camera movement reveals the scene

my scene began with the door to the sixth form office i then moved with the camera to reveal that someone was waiting anxiously outside of the sixth form office which could suggest that she was in trouble etc.

from the lesson i learned what a discovery shot is and i learned how to set up a camera stand :D
i think that the task went well after 2 takes i got the shot i was looking for to improve the video i would have had less unwanted movement of the camera like the shaking but that requires practice